Let’s admit it: We suffer from religion-envy!

The Syntheist pathos starts with the admission that we as Syntheists suffer from religion-envy. While we live in a society obsessed with counting every dollar, every vote, every orgasm, seeing each one of these items as nothing more than a commodity of trade, we envy the religious who can walk into any one of their temples, cathedrals, mosques, in awe over what they and their fellow believers proudly have managed to construct as their evental site of community.

Winchester Cathedral

However we can decide that our envy is productive and indeed raises a fascinating question: What prevents us from doing exactly the same as the traditionally religious? What prevents us from building a sacred site where we can reflect on ourselves and The Universe, in awe? A site which is not owned by anybody, which does not have any exploitative purposes whatsoever, a place to bring people together, loving each other and The Universe, a place where Syntheos, the god we create and become when we are truly together, becomes manifest. This is the question from which Syntheism rises. And if you share our desire, come join us!