Misunderstand and being misunderstood.

I am autistic, and as such I can recognize the temptation to view eternalisations as ends in themselves. So when people talk, my spontaneous impulse is to compare my eternalisations with what they are saying, without realizing that the eternalisation has been mobilised. A great example of this is the stranger who greet you by saying “how are you doing?”. The normal non-autistic response to this would be to simply reply by saying “Fine, thanks”, realizing that the stranger could not care less of how you are doing, the autistic response on the contrary is to take the question literally and answer truthfully to the question.

The same occurs when I in my mobilistic creativity want to communicate my thoughts. I talk without realizing that people can’t follow what I am saying, because for them the symbols I am using is following a different structure or logic. In the end, we are all misunderstood in this way. We are all alone. Most of the time without realizing it (I suspect). So where can we find a common ground for solidarity between each other? What we understand as the past is always restructured from the acts that happens now. So my answer is that we find it in mutual acts.

One thought on “Misunderstand and being misunderstood.

  1. Ben

    You’re first talking about common day comings and goings in which strangers greet one another only to acknowledge the others existance. It’s only polite social agreement that we say those same tired old things and everyone is basically proggramed to say “I’m fine” knowing the other cares not without even thinking about it. Words are sounds we use for symbols so I can understand your frustration. No one can truly understand another person without being that person. I agree that we are all alone. We exist in our own minds. So, I’m getting that you think connecting with another person is mostly impossible through talking? That’s interesting. Bonds really aren’t formed by just talking. Good answer, it takes time spent together doing mutually agreeable things. the more time spent, the stronger the bond and better understanding.


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