Thoughts on mentality

There are four choices of attitude-colored actions toward others: (1) Ask for something with the expectation of not give anything in return; (2) Give with the expectation of getting something in return; (3) Ask for something in return for something else; (4a) Give for the joy of giving; (4b) Receive for the joy of receiving. Where 1 and 2 has a mentality of begging, and 3 a mentality of whoring. We have all been screaming babies. And there is always an honor to make the least bad choice.


One thought on “Thoughts on mentality

  1. Ben

    No one asks for something or gives anything without a desire. Desire is something that cannot be escaped in human existance. Try if you feel like it but you won’t succeed. I like how you used the word “joy”. That is an appropriate word. It’s better than “happy” or “content” because those things come with the abscess of desire. So, is there a gauge on how joyful a person can be? What about an agreed exchange of one thing for another? I’m willing to bet one of those involved thinks it is not equal or at least to a minuscule but acceptable degree. Can they both get joy from giving and receiving? Is it still whoring if both have agreed to the exchange? Perhaps in that case they are “using” one another? Honor in the least bad choice? Seems the most honorable choice would be a good one. A closed mouth never gets fed so to ask or receive and perceive negatively or positively about it seems to me the cirtumstances for the request matter and of course the feelings of the person asking or recieving. Some people don’t ask, they steal. Of course, it’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission. You’d be honorable not to steal and ask and also to offer forgiveness.


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